Umno Women and Youth wings embrace former rivals for Malaysian stability

Sections of Umno Youth and Women leaders in Malaysia have introduced their readiness to work alongside former rivals within the nationwide unity authorities, putting aside years of hostility for the sake of the country’s political stability. Leaders from the party’s Women and Youth wings spoke in regards to the significance of this collaboration during this year’s Umno common assembly.
As Now gears up for the state election in Kedah, Sungai Siput Umno Women division chief Zaitun Ab Rahman pledged that members would put each effort in the direction of making certain national unity government candidates would win, regardless of whether they had been from Barisan Nasional (BN) or Pakatan Harapan (PH).
“We have the expertise, we don’t practise narrow-minded politics, we have rules and we won’t lose our dignity,” mentioned Zaitun Ab Rahman after attending the launching of Umno Women’s 2023 annual general assembly (AGM).
Umno Women chief Noraini Ahmad highlighted the importance of Umno’s role in Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s administration for sustaining order and stability, while also urging Umno members to stay humble and acknowledge the party’s modified position in Malaysian politics.
“We have to fight together and prove collectively that the role of Umno Women in mobilising the election machinery, will have an impact and at the same time give victory in the upcoming state elections,” she told over 1,000 delegates at the wing’s annual gathering.
Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi additionally reminded get together members of Umno’s current position within the unity authorities and the need to act accordingly to seize any alternatives during the six state elections anticipated by August.
Selayang Umno Youth chief Shah Zanuriman Nuar Paras Khan shared his division’s plans to organise meetings with PH counterparts to discuss possible collaborations, according to Zahid’s message.
“The Youth (wings) play a role in a number of essential portfolios together with reaching out and understanding the will of younger people,” he stated.
Despite the grassroots leaders’ willingness to work along with PH events, Umno Youth chief Muhamad Akmal Saleh demanded an apology from DAP, beforehand seen because the party’s most bitter rival, for previous attacks and criticisms.
“Some members met me to complain and express their feelings, worried about Umno-DAP working together. Worried that they can’t communicate of Malay privilege, the sovereignty of Malay Rulers, the problem of religion, language and training of the Malays and Bumiputera,” he stated..

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