While there’s typically a case for buying dewatering pumps and associated tools outright, renting presents so many advantages that it should always be given shut consideration. This is the view of Lee Vine, managing director of dewatering and dredge pump rental specialist IPR.
He says that IPR is seeing a powerful shift towards the rental model. “We began up just seven years ago and, since then, we’ve had to continuously add pumps to our fleet to satisfy ever rising demand from a variety of industries, most particularly mining and building,” he states.
“We now have more than 200 pumps in our rental fleet, able to handle virtually any pumping activity. Our line-up consists of submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps and diesel-driven pumps. We additionally provide dredging systems and hydro mining options.”
Vine believes that one of the prime advantages of renting is that it eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditure, which – relying on the type of tools that’s required – could be considerable. “Many firms – significantly if they are start-ups or are experiencing powerful trading conditions – merely cannot afford to make this type of monetary dedication,” he says. “If that is the case, rental is the ideal solution.”
He points out that buying does not make business sense if the gear required is only used on an intermittent basis. “If you’re going to purchase pumps, for instance, then you should get the maximum utilisation out of them. If you only have an occasional want for pumping, then I would strongly suggest renting. It is madness to purchase costly tools after which leave it standing for long intervals.”
Ownership also brings with it the problems of maintenance. เกจวัดไนโตรเจนราคา need to be maintained and this usually means that folks with the required competence have to be completely employed to undertake this process,” he says. “When you hire from IPR, we provide this service. Our expert and experienced technicians undertake all servicing and maintenance on website on a 24/7 basis. เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำมันเครื่อง , of course, be sure that machines are in tip-top situation earlier than being sent out to prospects.”
When it involves pumping, there is no such factor as ‘one measurement fits all’ and Vine says that is one other compelling cause to hire rather than buy. “IPR can draw from its extremely big selection of pumps and other tools to provide solutions which are precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. By contrast, we often discover that companies that elect to purchase their own equipment end up using pumps that are totally unsuited to the duty at hand. They are using them because that’s all they have available.”
By renting from IPR, customers also get the benefit of the latest expertise. “Obviously, not each unit in our fleet would be the very newest mannequin but, typically, our stock consists of recent or relatively new machines offering – amongst other things – glorious gasoline effectivity,” says Vine. “Customers can rest assured that we will never provide out-of-date tools that’s not match for purpose.”
While rental is the spine of IPR’s business, the corporate additionally sells pumps and different equipment. It is the sole agent in southern Africa for the well-established Atlas Copco diesel-driven pump sets as properly as the Atlas Copco vary of submersible pumps.
As Vine feedback, “We’re actually not saying that clients ought to always hire. Under the right circumstances, direct ownership of property corresponding to pumps can be one of the best route to observe. We recognise this, which is why we are geared to both lease or promote.”
IPR is based in modern premises in Jet Park, Johannesburg, where it has a well-equipped engineering workshop which permits it to offer fully customised pumping and dredging solutions to ISO 9001 standards.
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