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PHOTO: Rain sweeping throughout Da Nang, Vietnam
Travellers planning to go to Vietnam and China’s Hainan Island throughout June 5-8 are being urged to check the weather earlier than their departure.
The Thai Meteorological Department says… “the tropical depression over the higher South China Sea was centered about 255 km. east of Da Nang, Vietnam, or latitude 16.5 degree North, longitude 111.0 diploma East. It is transferring north -northeast about 12 km/hr, with maximum sustained winds about fifty five km/hr. Straightforward will move to the Hainan Island, China throughout 5-8 June”.
People who plan to journey to Vietnam and Hainan Island throughout this era are being advised to examine the climate forecast before their departure. However, the storm is having no direct impression on Thailand.
Meanwhile, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea and the South and the Gulf of Thailand. This will trigger more rain and isolated heavy rain in the North, Northeast, the Central, the East and the South throughout this era..

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