Thai man hunted following suspected murder of 12 year outdated stepdaughter in Bangkok

A 29 yr outdated man become a main suspect within the brutal homicide of a 12 12 months outdated woman, known as ‘Ae,’ in Bangkok, Thailand. He was appearing because the caretaker for Ae, who was his stepdaughter.
The incident reportedly occurred at 3.30am right now, with claims that the person allegedly beat Ae to dying, using a baseball bat, before hiding her physique in a concrete-filled ice box, supposedly due to Ae’s purported act of stealing food dietary supplements ready for shoppers.
Currently, investigating officers are intensifying their efforts to apprehend Yuthana, additionally named as Jaeb.
Controversial means that after the murder incident, he might have gone to a friend’s condo advanced in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district, and remained uncontactable afterwards. Meanwhile, his spouse, Niramon, has been detained, and her testimony efficiently recorded by the investigation team. If found to have been complicit in the murder, she could face legal prosecution on the grounds of aiding and abetting homicide, in addition to the concealment of a corpse.
“Ae was a victim of a fatal beating, allegedly by her stepfather, using a baseball bat. Following her dying, her physique was hid in an ice field crammed with concrete. The reported motive for this heinous act was the stealing of food supplements,” mentioned a source close to the case.
The police are working relentlessly to locate and apprehend Yuthana to enable the following stage of the authorized course of, Khaosod reported. This grotesque murder case has left the nation shocked and craving for justice for the young victim.
Recognized in the past, a six 12 months previous Thai girl sustained injuries after her stepmother assaulted her, prompting the child’s distressed father to show the abuse by posting a video of the incident..

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