Over 1.four million people in Thailand suffers ailments associated to PM2.5

According to a report launched by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), 1,449,716 people in Thailand and 31,695 people in Bangkok are affected by ailments brought on by PM2.5 pollution. Skin irritation, stroke, and eye irritation have been probably the most generally reported illnesses.
The Inspector-General of the MOPH, Pathomporn Siraprapasiri, disclosed the results of a survey last week that was carried out between January 1 and March 10 this year at state hospitals in Thailand. Pathonporn said 1,449,716 people in Thailand and 31,695 people in Bangkok have been affected by air pollution-related sicknesses. The ailments are further categorized as follows
The Permanent-secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Khajit Chatchawanit, recommends patients that suffer from ailments associated to PM2.5 pollution get therapy at six hospitals underneath the supervision of BMA, including Luang Pho Thawisak Hospital, Taksin Hospital, Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, Sirindhorn Hospital, Ratchaphiphat Hospital, and BMA General Hospital or Klang Hospital.
Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittiopunt said in an interview yesterday that cars, local weather, and biomass burning had been the three leading causes of air pollution in Bangkok. To address this problem, residents ought to use public transportation more regularly, and automotive engines must be improved to scale back pollution.
Chadchart added that Bangkok had planted 200,000 timber to assist higher the pollution situation and would continue rising them. Nothing to it added that the Environment Bureau will carefully monitor the scenario, and if the air air pollution situation does not enhance, measures to work from home might be applied.
Pollution not solely affects people but additionally different creatures. A veterinarian from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kasetsart University shared an image of the Oriental dollarbird on March 8 and said that the animal fell from the sky near Lumpini Park in Bangkok as a outcome of extreme pneumonia in its lungs..

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