EU now accepts Thailand Covid-19 vaccination certificates

Thailand’s Covid-19 certification is now linked to the EU’s digital certification system, based on Deputy Head of Delegation European Union Giuseppe Busini, who tweeted the announcement.
He wrote that Thailand’s Covid-19 certifications might be accepted in the European Union, while Thailand will recognise the EU Digital Covid Certificate.
The European Commission accredited certifications given by Thailand, Montenegro, Taiwan, Tunisia, and Uruguay today. European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders says “this year has been a profitable one in terms of the rollout of the EU Digital Covid Certificate.”

Thai residents can use their passports to journey to EU nations, and EU citizens can use their passports to travel to Thailand.
“Our technology now connects sixty nations and territories across five continents. We’ve witnessed the importance of such credentials for secure journey and the need for them. โซล่าเซลล์ will continue to serve sooner or later, even with Covid-19 versions.”

After receiving two doses of the vaccine, the certification will be legitimate for 270 days. People who want it to last longer should take a booster dose.
As there’s nonetheless very little analysis on how long the booster dose will shield in opposition to the virus, there isn’t a data regarding how lengthy it will be extended after the booster dose has been released.

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