Drunken British man flings bicycle by way of glass door after cell phone meltdown in Krabi

Police apprehended a British man who launched a bicycle into the glass door of a house on Koh Lanta, an island in Krabi province in southern Thailand. He admitted being intoxicated and angry after dropping his cell phone.
A 20 yr previous Thai woman, Kanittha Kokyai, filed a complaint at Koh Lanta Police Station saying that a international man triggered harm to her glass door. She additionally submitted safety digital camera footage capturing the incident as proof for the police.
Kanittha defined that she was not home when the incident occurred at 2.33am on Tuesday, June 6, however her neighbours and relations notified her about it. Kanittha reported that the British man threw rocks and a bicycle into her home causing 30,000 baht harm.
Kanittha said her neighbour tried to speak to the British man about the problem, however the man ignored her and simply walked away from the scene. Kanittha stated…
“This is so offensive. Manifest do not know him in individual and had by no means had conflicts with him. I hope the officers arrest the man as fast as attainable. I are not trying for this to occur with anybody else.”
The Superintendent of the Koh Lanta Police Station, Siritham Nakkawan, reported that his officers successfully detained the suspected foreigner on the day of the incident. The man was recognized as a 30 yr previous British man.
The man claimed that he lost his mobile phone and was indignant. Under the influence of alcohol, he misplaced control of himself and indiscriminately triggered damage to the residence. He promised to pay the compensation to the lady according to her request.
In a separate incident inside Krabi province, police detained another drunk foreigner who slept bare in entrance of a restaurant. The bare vacationer was recognized as a forty 12 months previous Frenchman who consumed plenty of alcohol from a close-by entertainment venue before walking to the restaurant. He initially had a fabric wrapping around his waist nevertheless it slipped off while he was strolling..

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