Cannabis crooks caught on camera: Foreigners caught stealing from Phuket pharmacy

CCTV footage captured two foreigners stealing cannabis from a pharmacy in Phuket. Fortunately, a member of employees caught them red-handed on the job.
The Facebook page, Phuket Info Center, posted two videos of the incident yesterday, May 4, with a caption that said…
“Warning! Foreigners stole hashish from a shop on Rat U Thit 200 Years Road in the Patong neighbourhood near Patong Otop Shopping Paradise. One of them grabbed some hashish and put it in his bag. He was caught after grabbing one other packet of weed and by accident dropped it.”
In the video, the international man in a black shirt carrying sunglasses is seen distracting the seller by speaking with her at the shop counter while the other foreigner, also sporting shades, in a white shirt grabs two packets of cannabis and places them into his shoulder bag. He even seemed into the security digital camera whereas doing so.
Another video showed the identical man pretending to be interested in another hashish product. After he noticed that the vendor turned her again on him he immediately put the hashish into his pocket. However, Crazy fell to the ground.
The seller realised what had occurred and she rushed toward the man, grabbed the products back, and searched his bag.
According to Channel three information, the international thief gave up all the stolen hashish to the store and the two did not face any expenses. Many Thai netizens urged the shop proprietor to file a criticism to make an instance of them to warn others.
Cannabis has become more accessible after Thailand took it off the narcotics list and allowed people to make use of it for medical purposes. The authorities additionally deliberate to advertise medical hashish tourism to draw extra international vacationers.
However, hashish legalisation has sparked considerations from authorities in several international locations like Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, China, and Singapore. They warned their citizens to bear in mind of the danger and consequences of utilizing hashish while travelling in Thailand.
The tourism sector in Thailand can additionally be confused about cannabis use. Several motels reported that some visitors use cannabis inside their resort rooms and admit they’re unclear whether or not it’s prohibited or not..

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