Bungled burglary boys

CHON BURI: After arresting three teenagers for passing a counterfeit 1,000-baht observe, Pattaya Police have been shocked to be taught that two of them had simply stolen it from a nearby financial institution. After a tipoff by a vendor at the To Rung Mae Wilai Market, police arrested two homeless boys, 15-year-old “A” and 14-year-old “B” [real names withheld because they’re minors], along with a girl, Piyaporn Koon-harn, 19. The vendor grew to become suspicious when the three tried to vary a dodgy-looking 1,000-baht observe for lower denomination payments. When police arrived, a search of the boys turned up the counterfeit 1,000-baht note. Also found on the boys was an assortment of fifty financial institution playing cards issued by the Siam Commercial Bank. The boys immediately confessed to having stolen all of the gadgets during a break-in at a close-by branch of the bank. The lady had no involvement within the crime and was simply someone they met and had lunch with at the market, the boys stated. “A” informed police that he was a runaway and had been living on the streets of Pattaya for about a year, sleeping behind a shopping mall and operating round with other avenue kids. He eventually met “B”, who had a similar story. The two grew to become friends, every evening breaking into homes or stealing bikes and selling whatever they may thieve. “A” said that to break into Uncomplicated surveyed the world and determined that a wall surrounding the bank was not too excessive for “B” to scale. Once, inside “B”, after breaking a closed-circuit TV digital camera to keep away from detection, unscrewed a metal grate covering a window. Once removed, it was child’s play for him to pressure out the panes from the louvered glass window and achieve entry to the poorly fortified financial institution. Inside, he searched the drawers and found the 1,000-baht banknote and different items, before escaping without discover. The boys then went to the market the place they met their good friend Piyaporn, and tried to trade the bill for actual cash so they may all take pleasure in a pleasant breakfast. That was when the police arrived and arrested all three. The young suspects will re

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