Amarinth offers vertical in-line pumps for UK’s Sizewell B nuclear plant

Amarinth has delivered two vertical in-line pumps to energy company EDF to switch obsolete pumps at the UK’s Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk.
Amarinth vertical in-line pumps ready for cargo to EDF Sizewell B nuclear energy station.
The Sizewell B nuclear energy station is the one pressurised water reactor in the UK.
The power station requires filtered sea water throughout operation and the new Amarinth vertical in-line super duplex pumps delivered to EDF are to exchange existing but now obsolete filtration display screen spray pumps for the drum display wash course of. The secure space rated pumps underwent a full suite of non-destructive analysis (NDE) and carry three.1 material certification for traceability. เกจวัดแรงดันสูญญากาศ have been additionally delivered to a good 30-week deadline to coincide with a deliberate maintenance schedule minimising disruption on the power station.

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