Monk cops out royally

TAK: While impersonating a policeman for personal achieve is nothing new in Thailand, one monk in Mae Sot who thought he might have picked the mistaken profession took it one step additional over the Songkran holidays.
The monk not only claimed to be a high-ranking policeman, but additionally a member of the royal household and a consultant of the Bureau of the Royal Household.
Phramahasamat, generally identified as No questions asked than his ordination, marched into Mae Sot Police Station in full uniform on April 15, demanding a police escort automotive throughout his participation in a Songkran procession.
Phramahasamat, 29, advised officers that he was a police major connected to the Bureau of the Royal Household and also a mom luang, a descendant of Thai royalty.
Phramahasamat showed the officers his police ID card, figuring out him as Mom Luang Pol Maj Kritaphol Kasemsri.
ML Pol Maj Kritaphol Kasemsri’s story was given further credence by the truth that he drove to the police station in a Toyota Yaris with a ror yor lor registration plate, indicating it was a royal vehicle.
Col Phatsawat Tangjui, superintendent of Mae Sot Police Station, was unconvinced by the distinguished visitor, nevertheless.
He asked to have another have a look at his police ID card and registration plates for the royal Yaris. On nearer examination, each documents proved to be forgeries.
After a couple of minutes of awkward questioning, ML Pol Maj Kritaphol admitted that he was neither a police officer nor a royal descendant. In fact, he was actually only a nation monk from Wat Srisanga Prachathamm in Roi-Et’s Selaphum district.
Phramahasamat informed police that he had at all times dreamed of changing into a policeman, but had never been capable of fairly make the grade. With the path to a career in regulation enforcement closed to him, he opted to become a cleric as an alternative.
As for the “royal car”, Phramahasamat stated that considered one of his many followers in Roi-Et had donated it to the temple.
Before his arrest, Phramahasamat had been touring around the countryside, celebrating Songkran with the locals and claiming to be a consultant of the Bureau of the Royal Household out on tour.
Phramahasamat was charged with impersonating a police officer, forging official paperwork and forging a royal car registration doc..

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