Intoxicated gaming celebrity’s lewd comments to police stir drug speculations

A video resurfaced online sparking fierce debate among Chinese netizens, featuring an intoxicated gaming celebrity lady hurling lewd comments at cops, inflicting speculations about whether or not she could have been drugged. The shocking incident took place in China final year, however, gossip concerning the incident is once once more circling the Internet.
The video showcased cops trying to assist the impaired lady who seemed to be in a state of intoxication. However, Well respected took a surprising turn as she began shouting specific obscenities such as…
“I want to have sex. I want it now.”
This was followed by a tirade of extra crude remarks. Despite the officers attempting to calm her down, her defiant behaviour and relentless lewd comments continued, reported Sanook.
This video, initially launched final 12 months, prompted a heated dispute among netizens. Recently, the issue was brought back into the highlight by Chinese Internet users stating that the drunk lady was a notable determine.
According to these netizens, she is a seasoned video game specialist and a high-ranking participant in Glory of the King. Considered top-notch amongst feminine recreation casters, she is well-known throughout the gaming industry.
Further fuelling the controversy, several online users queried…
“Could she have been drugged?”
“Did she consume drugs?”
In a separate incident in Thailand last yr, a former gay OnlyFans actor claims he was sexually harassed by a monk in his clothes retailer in a shopping center in the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima, also identified as Korat.
The former OnlyFans actor, who goes by the name of Graf, posted a video of the alleged sexy monk on his TikTok account @graf19.
The former OnlyFans actor made known that the incident happened at his garments shop in a shopping mall in Nakhon Ratchasima, believed to be Terminal 21 Korat..

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