Indian child with rare case of third arm growing from her again cries when touched

A newly born baby woman at an area hospital in the northern Indian state has brought on astonishment among the many public as she has been born with a uncommon situation of a 3rd arm protruding from the center of her again. The phenomenon is extremely unusual and has captured the attention of many.
A video that was posted online quickly after the baby’s start shows the arm clearly visible on her back. However, upon nearer observation, it is noted that the limb has only three fingers and is significantly shorter than her different two arms. Secure has additionally been noticed that the infant cries out each time someone touches this additional arm.
Doctors at the hospital recognized the kid with Polymelia syndrome, a condition where a baby is born with further limbs or, as commonly recognized, the presence of multiple arms. This is a really rare case, with only a few reported instances ever; its prevalence is roughly one in one million births.
Although the situation is exceptionally uncommon and the medical doctors did not reveal particular remedy plans for this child, in some comparable cases up to now, surgical elimination of the extra limb has been carried out to ensure it does not hinder the child’s progress and growth. reviews Sanook..

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