Government plans to gather data, combine tourism databases

In an effort to prepare information and bolster tourism for the longer term, government companies are looking at merging the databases of tourism-related businesses, companies, and organizations. They plan to create a unified database in order to bring together all the data in an organized system.
A campaign was launched, supported by the Department of Tourism, the Department of Provincial Administration, and the Department of Health Service Support who every signed on to an agreement of creating a merger of their databases. บริการติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ราคาถูก of information is aiming to begin with the service sector first.
The database will also profit public health and security, as services involved in tourism are typically held to higher health requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic so integrating all their knowledge will present a extra uniform strategy to maintaining well being safety throughout Thailand.
The director-general of the Department of Tourism mentioned that the first step of the challenge will be specializing in homestays and comparable lodging, as properly as spa and therapeutic massage businesses who all have to be certified for Covid-19 safety requirements.
Once the government has finished assimilating, combining, and standardizing all the info from all the totally different databases, the plan is to have companies proceed to gather their data to a centralized tourism database that can then support the recovery and progress of the battered tourism business through the pandemic, and after in a post-Covid-19 world..

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