DOMO Chemicals expands access to polyamide resolution

DOMO Chemicals, which supplies the European polyamide business with options for automotive, electrical and electronics, building and development, has made its TECHNYL branded merchandise available to clients globally.
Wilo-Para-MSL pumps will be constructed of DOMO’s TECHNYL A218 V30 Black 34NG. – Image: Wilo
DOMO acquired Solvay’s European Performance Polyamides enterprise in 2020 and is now completely producing and commercialising TECHNYL, providing the complete vary of polyamide 66/polyamide 6 based solutions, widely used in many various applications.
Key functions served by TECHNYL embody excessive thermal and chemical resistance materials, gentle engineering options (metal, aluminium and thermoset replacements), flame retardant supplies for advanced electrical safety, excessive aesthetic materials with the addition of recent options for extrusion and friction and wear resistance.
DOMO lately teamed up with ราคาpressuregauge to provide materials for its pumps used in city water techniques. Its scorching water pumps might be constructed of DOMO’s TECHNYL A218 V30 Black 34NG – an injection moulding compound which includes a 30% glass fibre reinforcement. It is immune to heat and glycol and shall be used to provide the Wilo Para MSL/6-43/SC circulation pump for heating methods.

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