Billing brawl: Furious Thai man triggers chaos over Lotus’s overcharge

An offended Thai man caused chaos after being overcharged at a Lotus’s supermarket in Chon Buri province. The out-of-control buyer is seen in a viral video pouring fizzy drinks and throwing bottles on the floor inside the shop.
Improved posted a video of a man causing chaos on the Lotus’s store on his TikTok account, Yodekthep. In the footage, the offended Thai man may be seen progressively opening bottles of soft drinks and pouring them onto the ground and throwing bottles in frustration.
The TikToker said in the caption…
“I assume he was angry as a end result of he didn’t get a free plastic bag. Wait for the affirmation. I really feel sorry for the shopping mall maids. This occurred at a shopping center within the Ban Bueng neighbourhood of Chon Buri.”
Another TikTok consumer revealed within the comment part that the person was offended as a result of the cashier overcharged him. The cashier admitted to her fault, apologised, and solved the issue, but he was not satisfied. He demanded that the staff bow all the means down to him and apologize, a request they refused to comply with.
The video gained over 4.5 million views and 9,000 shares before the person later deleted it. The incident is still being discussed on several Thai news platforms. Channel 3 travelled to Chon Buri province to speak with the angry Thai man and his mom.
The forty seven yr outdated named Weera admitted to the media that he was the angry Thai man within the video. He claimed that the cashier mistakenly overcharged him over four hundred baht. He seen and urged the cashier and her manager to apologise to him. However, the cashier left him to wait for an hour earlier than later informing him that the supervisor took depart.
Weera mentioned he wouldn’t have become indignant if the cashier had apologised immediately. He added that he only destroyed products he had already bought and didn’t assault any staff members.
Weera’s mother, sixty four yr old Waraporn, claimed that her son has depression and is presently being handled for his condition. She mentioned Weera turns aggressive when someone takes benefit of him. Despite this, Waraporn confused that her son is in any other case normal and capable of mixing with customers.
Waraporn complained in regards to the TikToker who shared the video. She stated netizens should discover out the reality before sharing any information or criticising. Waraporn mentioned she planned to sue the TikToker for destroying the status of her members of the family and her shop.
Officers from Ban Bueng Police Station reported that a staff member from the shopping mall filed a complaint on the issue at the police station. However, the officers did not problem any charges because the mall did not want to pursue legal action..

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