Biker’s highway rage terrorising Bangkok family evokes societal concerns (video)

A highway rage incident escalated on Pattanakan Road in Bangkok final week, when two young motorcyclists aggressively pursued and damaged a pickup truck, leaving the 39 year old driver shocked and distressed. He stated that this kind of behaviour presents a societal threat and has now been shared on social media.
The disagreement started when the driver, Nattawat, was driving his Isuzu pickup along with his spouse and daughter. A motorcycle overtook him on the best, a move inappropriate for the placement. Concerned, Nattawat honked twice to alert the bikers but carried on, not anticipating that they might observe him to Triam Udom School.
“Then they smashed the window,” he mentioned, pointing at the broken left facet mirror of the pick-up. This marked the beginning of a horrifying few moments of highway rage for the household, which was captured on video by Nattawat’s daughter from inside the automotive. In the heat of the state of affairs, the young motorists honked earlier than overtaking Nattawat on the left and using a bottle to strike his mirror, shattering the glass.

Needless to say, Nattawat’s daughter was terrified. The attackers shortly sped away without being recognized, as their bike didn’t have a license plate. Witnesses estimate them to be in their early twenties, reported KhaoSod.
Following the incident, Nattawat reported the highway rage incident to Prawet Police Station, offering video proof. Stunning have been understanding, however noted the difficulty in identifying the culprits as a result of lack of a license plate. However, they assured Nattawat they would expedite the investigation. Nattawat’s hope is for the motorcyclists to be apprehended swiftly in gentle of the hazard they pose to society..

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